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Mar 12, 2005
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I have a colleague who has recently stopped biting her nails. Unfortunately she has replaced this habit by constantly rubbing backwards and forwards on all her nail plates with her thumbs :eek:. While I was away on holiday she asked another technician for advise and was told to use cuticle oil for her dry cuticles and hand cream which is fine. However she now applies it constantly (as another excuse to be rubbing away at her nail plates) but also does it with no oil or lotion. I tell her to stop every time I see her doing it but obviously that only lasts for a few seconds. I suggested she should have gel or l&p enhancements (I can't do them due to distance) but now I'm thinking that she may not be suitable because her plates are so thin. Do you think that if she just applies polish it will be enough to stop the constant irritation of rubbing?
Hi, my friend did this and i found out that it caused a Habbit Tic [constantly rubbing at nail plate,i think stress can bring it on}.When i did my nail training last year i explained to her what was happening has her nail became not a pretty site aswell due to this habbit.I gave her some advice that every time she had the urge to rub was to get up and do something else and in time she will get used to not constantly rubbing.She got to the piont that she didnt show anybody her nail as it was damaged,thin,discoloured and painfull.

Anyway to cut a long story short now with some attention and care iv now got her nail looking great,occassionally she goes to rub but then remebers how it looked last year and stops!

So the only advice i can give is to get her to stop rubbing and ocupy herself when she gets the urge!

Good luck xx
PS i got her to use cuticle oil [creative} daily,i also put a ridge filler for the base coat then applied polish with top coat to give it some protection.HTH's x
Thanks for the reply, I did'nt think anyone was going to answer! I told her about distraction but she still keeps at it. I wish I could do her nails myself but I can't because of distance and different work shifts. I will definitely tell her to try polish because I think if she sees them looking really nice she may leave them alone. I think if they don't improve soon she will see that as a reason to go back to biting :eek:


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