Friends that try to force their beliefs on you?


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Jun 22, 2013
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Does anyone have any friends that try to force their beliefs onto you even when you don't ask for it? Have a friend who simply is a hypocrite, she says/preaches on thing but then turns round and does the complete opposite.
I work with a couple of Muslims - lovely people - love them all to pieces. But now and again they preach their believes to me, I listen but I'm atheist so ignore the majority. I respect people's believes and even tried Ramadan for a couple of days to understand what they was doing etc - hardest thing ever! Seeming though I'm a massive food lover! Lol. I don't mind appreciating other people's believes just not the preaching and trying to turn me! Lol :) they understand now a little more, especially when I start explaining evolution it bores them to death lol :) I also have some j witnesses come to my house once every two weeks, I always invite them in for tea and a piece of cake but we get into debates quite often! Lol :) xx

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