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Jan 20, 2005
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Bergen, Norway
I am cutting this from my blog...

Happy and sad at same time

I have been selfemployeed for 8,5 years now. It's been a success for me, my bank-account and myself.
I now realise I have been so "into myself and my business" that I have forgotten my friends. I feel sad and ashamed about this and I hope those I have neglected can forgive me.... All I can say is sorry...

On the other hand, I feel very happy. Today I found (at facebook) some very good friends I had when living in Trondheim. It's so very nice to hear what all of them have been doing the last 8 years. *Hugs* to all of you.


So, have any of you experienced this or is it only me who are/am an idiot?

To my defence (sp) I think when in the thirties we are all busy with not only business, but family and children too...

Facebook is great! :)

:hug: hay chuck ... now u take your self in a corner and give your self one of these :smack: ... your not silly we all do it ... life just takes over n b4 we all know it weeks n months n years have past you wont be the 1st or the last ... but im sure if the friend that you have r true to you then they r all happy for you at how well you have done with your family and work ... xxx be proud of what you have achived ... i think thats how its spelt xxxx emily xx:hug:

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