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May 12, 2003
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Yesterday I went to Dianne Plummers Monday Madness class. Which by the way was again excellent!

I bought myself a Frosty The Snowman to put in the shop and promote interest. My plan was then going to be, take orders when a customer was interested so that i didn't have too many etc.

However, I called the CND Helpline today to find out the RRP and they said that there are no more in stock and that they won't be getting anymore in! :( Apparently they have gone like hot cakes!

Is this correct? Not that I think they are telling porkies :pig: but I just wanted to check. If so I have to say that I am disappointed I didn't get there in time to order in, because I think they are fantastic and next year I will have to make sure I get in there straight away.

Now my poor Frosty is all alone :( . So I am going to wrap him up and give him to my sister as part of her Christmas present because she thinks he is lovely! :D
I wish I had met you... oh the Frosty situation - you are right unfortunately. They have flown out the door like migrating geese :oops: 8) We are trying to get more but all the distributors world wide are in the same positon. It has been a nightmare and I am so sorry we can't add to your family - keep calling to see if there is any luck :oops: ;)
I didn't realise you were there! :( I saw Sam though. It had been one of those days at the shop and I was telling David all about it! :D

I will keep checking for more Frosty's! But I did get Solar Butter which I am pleased about! :thumbsup:
Tried to place an order for Frosty after seeing him in Nails mag (he's sooo cute :D ) but the stock had not yet arrived, so decided to leave it for a week or so (BIG mistake!) Now they're completely sold out and I still haven't got my Frosty :( I'll just have to keep on trying.

hi there

If you are quick there is a couple of the snowmen now in stock at leeds there was 9 ruth and i have had 2 each but be quick

Best of luck ;)

I received a flyer from Ellisons today advertising Frosty you could phone them and ask if they have any left.

Cristine :)
Yep, phoned Leeds this PM and 9 had gone on the system...................
I ordered two......thats all I could get...............Seems fair.......
phoned Caroline asap withing 2 minutes and when she phoned only 5 left........
So lets hope some of the other geeketts or geeks get lucky...........
They are just so cute............They are melting out of the door.....

Not selling mine.........
Faye and I have those ear marked
I know for a fact that another two should be on the system by now!!! :thumbsup:
Can you tell me the RRP for these and also the gingerbread forgot to ask when i rang was soooo excited to get them :rolleyes: ;)
crazy'n'creative said:
Can you tell me the RRP for these and also the gingerbread forgot to ask when i rang was soooo excited to get them :rolleyes: ;)

Sorry CB - I am not 100% positive so you can always check with Dannii (0113 216 3029) but I think Scentsations are RRP £12.95 and I think Frosty is £16.95 / 17??? :rolleyes: :oops: ;)
Thanks samantha i will ring to check ecause it's the smaller size gingerbread prices i want and by the way my clients think it's the best and want to know if you going to keep doing it or will it just be for xmas ;)
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