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Dec 4, 2003
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A friend of mine has asked me to make some elaborate nails for a fashion show she is doing. She has asked for full nails that I have painted etc that she can just stick on just for the show. Where can I get these?
Sam x
Have a look at this link

I don't know if professional Nail Equipment sell full glue on nails ( I think they have tips only) huh


Hope this helps

Kat meow
I just use large(size 10) nail tips for my nail art designs :D
They can then be display onto a board.
Hope this helps ?
She is doing a catwalk show and was looking for something wear on her nails that could be removed straight afterwards (and be prepared beforehand). I would be doing 3D designs on them so I think I would have to use full nails?
Sam x

I presume she has natural nails......yes she would need glue on nails, the most "attractive" ones I've seen are from sally hansen at the link I posted at my last post. She will just have to soak them off in acetone after the show.

Hope this helps

Kat meow
Right ,
Clairs accessories and Boots do some stick on nails..........the have little double sided tape bits.............can't remember the name thought !!!!!.....
Failing that get the ones that have the glue inside , but use double sided stickey tape instead.....works for blue peter lol
a little tip, manicure the nails and apply scrubfresh then a good base coat, then stick on the nails with the sicky stuff......... it helps to hold the nails in place a bit better.............
choose tips that are natural french look, buff off the airbrushed paint and apply your design.....................

stick them on ones the model is dressed or at least nearly dressed so they dont ping off..............
and after wards, just take them off and remove the left over sticky stuff with nail polish remover........... works for me..............
Can I implore you not to use 'stick-on's' :shock: We did this as a last resort at LFW (London Fashion Week) and they are a bugger to remove - use what we NORMALLY would professionalLy use which is Crack Wacker - little nail bandages that stick to the natural nail and you can then stick a tip ontop! They pop off very easily and the nail bandage peels off leaving the natural nails PERFECTO!!!! :thumbsup:
Where can I get these? Thanks for advice!S xx
Call 0800 316 0213 - DN Business Services! :oops:
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