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Jun 4, 2007
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Hi all,

I was just wondering how you all managed to pay for your courses? I've got a few under my belt now and am looking at finishing off my NVQ, the total being £945. I obviously don't have this money lying around so I was wondering how you paid for yours..... savings / loans etc?

thanks, x
hi as i am a single mum on benefit i get the course paid for if done thru my college then i claim back my equipment costs but any private ones ( like my waxing course) i still have to pay for myself
i work part time and am claiming certain benefits so i get my college tuition paid for me

i pay the college reg fee and pay for my kit

i doubt i could have done so many courses if i had to pay for it all myself
My Foundation course came out of my redundncy money, the rest I've had to save up for...... I use my business income to pay for courses as it's a business expense.....
i saved up to pay for mine , and some courses i have got hubby to pay for as birthday pressies etc...
I had savings to pay for everything I've done so far, but from now on any further training will have to be funded by the business.

That way I have to earn it before I spend it! :lol:
I have saved up for about 8 years for everything, all the courses with Creative, plus refresher courses, plus start up of my own business!

Its something I have wanted to do for a very long time, I just didnt have the money to do it with who I wanted to!
me too save save save.

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