Fungal Infection


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Feb 2, 2004
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Hi All, I had a new client come to me today for a full set of l+p. When checking her nails and hands for contra-indications, the ring finger and thumb had seperated from the nail bed to about halfway down the nail. I questioned her about it and she had stuck something down to clean the free edge and broke the hyponichium. They were a little yellow and brittle. I told her to go and see her GP as I thought that something else might be going on especially if water and everyday dirt was going behind the nail. If this turns out to be a fungal infection, would it be ok to apply a set once the infection has been treated or might it return with all the water and dirt going down it.
I would wait a few weeks after the infection has cleared before doing any treatment to ensure it really has gone and isn't just hiding.

I would say also wait until the separated nail has grown out before applying enhancements as otherwise product is likely to get under the nail.

I could be wrong as not trained in enhancements - I'm sure someone who knows will correct me if I'm wrong - this is just my feeling.

If the nails have that much onycholysis... you shouldnt be doing anything with them anyway (except keeping them short and clean). Wait to see what the derm says, but the chance of it being an infection is below .1%.
If it turns out to be fungal then no enhancements.................
But like The Geek said..............chances are very low.........

Keep it clean, keep it short and keep an eye on it.....and keep it solar oiled.......this will help the nail to grow out nice and strong and will keep it supple.............
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