Fusion bonds on fine hair advice please


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Nov 19, 2015
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I have a friend who I do hair for free for as she pays for everything when we go out! Anyway as I pay for the hair I've always bought the chespest crap on eBay for £40 as however much I say to look after them she just doesn't! I saw the hair yesterday. It's disgusting! I've bought some from SJK budget range and fitting tomorrow. Her hair type is really thin! Most wouldn't fit hair extensions to her I doubt but she insists and it's not damaging her hair she's had 3 sets in so far. My question is her hair is so fine that when she puts it up you can see all the hair at the root poking out. I really don't know how to explain that lol like you can see her scalp everywhere! It's not nice hair at all. And no matter how I do them they seem to show because there's not enough hair to cover them. She's fine with it but I'm not! I've been qualified 3 years and have done loadssss of all methods. I'm confident I know what I'm doing but advice would be good :)
if the hairs really fine i cut the bonds in half around the front, less weight and less visable with the hair up x
If someone has really fine hair you can cut the bonds in half (if fusion). I do this with clients who have super fine hair. You don't have to do it all over but perhaps around the hairline and nape of neck so they are less visible when hair is up.
I usually do that anyway. It turned out pretty nice really. A lot nicer than I've done her hair before! It's a right challenge lol just have a look at her before pic. She only took 75 strands. This is an uncut pic.


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That looks good but to be honest her hair looks extremely fragile. Did you do a strand test before? That hair looks like she has severe breakage and its extremely thin. In my opinion she might not be right for extensions at all.
She's had extensions in for a while now. She had someone else do it in the first instance she had micro rings. She didn't like them and ripped/cut them out of her head. No idea why she didn't just speak to me id of taken them out for her for free.
She then was a bit stuffed as she had ruined her hair and asked me to do it. I put 0.5g bonds in for her and she's had them in for about 10 months altogether (with new hair in between) her hairs seemed to have gotten a bit better and longer since. if someone paying me wanted hair extensions and they had that type of hair id probably consider not doing them but she is adamant and I understand how she doesn't want to go out and let everyone see her normal hair. Plus she's a good friend.

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