Gaps between natural nail and tip


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Mar 18, 2020
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Sahuarita, Arizona
My sister's natural nails have a very strong c curve. I applied tips that fit perfectly, and I held them down for a good amount of time while the glue dried. After applying acrylic and after filing, I started to notice white lines or cracks through the clear acrylic. Either the dust from filing was getting between the natural nail and artificial nail or they are cracking. This has NEVER happened to me before. After she showered, I could see moisture under the artificial nail, as well. This is extremely frustrating, as now I have to soak them off and start over (I don't want fungus to develop). I would love some advise as to what I could have done incorrectly and how I can do better next time. TIA


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Did you blend the tips?
Also making sure the corners of the tips are glued down too. Xx
Hello. :)
Yes, I did blend the tips.
Thank you for responding
Yes, I made sure the nails were glued down on the sides. After doing some research, I'm thinking maybe I glued the tips too far down, rather than at the very edge of the natural nail. So, I'm thinking the glue did its job but being too far down, there was no glue on the free edge, allowing for the gap, then allowing for filing dust and moisture to get in. I'm thinking this might have been my issue. I'm still new at this, learning from my mistakes. Thank you for responding. ;)
Hi, the other thing that you could do is get a more pronounced 'C' curve it as all clients have different natural shaped nails. These should fit her nail shape better. Test the fit before gluing in place. Also when learning beginners tend to use a tip that is wider than required in most cases. It's just practice, practice practice and in time you will overcome any problems. Also, it looks as though you are overfilling the natural nail in places so be mindful of this, otherwise your clients will end up with sore, thin nail beds. Perhaps you could post a pic of just the tip glued to the nail before any filing/blending so that we can see your positioning and size of tip. Hth.
Thank you for your response and suggestions. I ended redoing her nails. This time, I used tips with more of a c curve, and I made sure to apply them closer to the tip of her natural nail. Because of her nail shape, I believe I was gluing them too far down the first time. The second set came out better. Adjusting to so many different nail shapes is the challenge. But each set is a new experience and lesson. ☺️ Thanks again

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