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Aug 3, 2003
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I've been lurking in the background long enough! Has anybody went to Gateway before starting their business :?: as I was made redundant 3 weeks ago :D and have decided to use my redundancy money to start a new career in nails. I have passed my man/ped course and am learning to sculpt with OPI, due to sit my test next Friday. Having spent endless hours on this site, very addictive, am now wondering if I should have trained with creative :? oh well never mind.

Jackie XX
Believe me, as I'm sure you have gathered from this site, your training will not stop after your foundation training with OPI or anyone else.

Plenty of time to explore Creative classes as you move onwards and upwards in your career.

Everyone has to start somewhere and as a matter of fact I myself started with OPI many years ago.

So don't worry about whether you have made the right choice or not at this point ... it's not a right or wrong situation. Enjoy your course, good luck on your assessment and practice your craft well.
Must be getting a hero complex, at 41 very embarrasing :oops: after spending hour after hour looking at the disscussions feel like I know you all. Got very excited to hear back from geeg. Your so right, as my background is in training, I am a big believer in it and know I will continue to take classes throughout my new career :D

Jackie XX
Hi ya Jackie,

I had already done some training before my Creative Foundation course last month and I think I got more out of it because I already knew the basics.

Don't get me wrong - you can walk into a Creative Foundation course with no knowledge of nails at all and the tutor will give you all the information you need, but it's such a lot to get to grips with at first. I know a lot of information went in one ear and out the other on my first course just because it was all so new to me!

I felt much more relaxed doing the Creative Foundation, I guess that had a lot to do with Jacqui and Keten too who made the course so enjoyable!

I also found I could reduce my kit after the Creative Foundation - no more Lineout, no more primer, binner a hundred and one different files - now that's got to be a bonus!

Good luck with your sculpting exam. Opi are a good company and I'm sure they will see you well.

I can't wait to start sculpting myself.

Let us know how you get on.

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