Gel Bond lid stuck


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Sep 14, 2013
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Hi geeks,

As the title says can any one give me advise on how to I can open my gel bond after the lid has been glued shut? Or should I just buy a new tube?
Try running boiling water over the lid this might help loosen it enough so you can open it.
A little tip to prevent the lid sticking is to apply a drop of Solar Oil round the inside of the lid, just on the bit you screw this is great at stopping it sticking.
hold in a cup of boiled water for a few seconds and then it will unscrew no problem just submerge the whole cap not the metal bit i do it all the time

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Vida salon
Thanks I will try that :) hopefully be able to save my tube
Just happened to me and the boiling water works a treat :) thanks guys
I wish I knew this before! This happened to me a few months ago and I threw the tube away! I'll remember this for the future Xx

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