Gel extension feedback needed please


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Looking for feedback good or bad on these sets that I have done recently! I have another full time job so only do nails every now and then when I have the time but looking to start doing them more regularly and start advertising soon but I want to perfect my sets first before taking on new clients!
These are cnd brisa gel extensions with CND Shellac xx
Thanks girls!


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Hi, I'm still very new at all this myself, training with CND, amazing course. But I hope I can still offer advice :)
To be able to offer better constructive criticism I would personally want to see the nail from a side angle, to check that the sidewalls are straight and the apex is right. Top down photos don't offer much in terms of information, other than cosmetically. On some of them it looks like you might be filing off the sidewall too much. I love the colours, especially the last nude set, those two colours work great together.

Do you have any photos that show the sides of the nail? :) That would help a lot! <3
PS: I will try to attach a photo of what I mean, since english isn't my first language I sometimes struggle to get my point across concisely ;)

First photo I attach I credit a lady called Christina Cronk /chrystacle on instagram. She does amazing sidewalls and always takes her photos from such angles. The ones in the photo I attached are of course long, but you can see the sidewall is perfectly straight, even if you shortened the nail.
The next photo I cropped a bit, in case anyone recognises them and takes offence...which his not my intent! However, just including it as a reference towards a not so straight sidewall, where I am guessing tentatively, they filed too much of it off underneath, in an attempt to get a certain shape perhaps. As I said, I'm new to nails too, but these are some things we are covering in the course I'm doing with CND and wanted to share, in case it is of use to you :) I'm sure an experienced tech can be much more helpful too.

Chrystacle's straight sidewall:

perhaps a tad overfiled on the sidewalls, they slope uwards after free edge.



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@7th-Heaven IT may not be down to over filing, it may be down to tips vs sculpting. Tips can be quite curled on the side walls, you cant add what isnt there, whereas sculpting you can add whereever you want xx