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Jun 28, 2010
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Hi geeks,
I've been a nail tech for four years and love L&P, however even with my training I haven't ever got into gel.
I do gel extensions on my mam and she loves hers, tends to last her around four weeks with no problems (even though I do ask her to come in for infills.)

However some other people - including myself, I find they just come off. They seem to be "weaker" and I don't know why. I would love to get back into gel as I remember liking them at college but we don't agree anymore! I use "The Edge" hard gel.

I also need a new lamp as only half of the nail cures and I end up spending ages trying to get it to cure! But I had this problem before my lamp went dodgy so any help anyone? Here is my run through of application:

Dry Prep
Remove surface shine
Size & Apply Tips
Cut tips to length required
File tips & smooth smile line
Remove excess dust
Apply primer
Apply Gel Builder Coat, cure for 90 seconds on each hand
Apply Finishing Gel, cure for 90 seconds
File, smooth, apply cuticle oil and top coat
If your lamp isn't working properly that could be an issue. Gels not properly cured could breakdown. For the enhancements to come off so easily would mean they're not bonding to the natural nail. Double check your prep and make sure there's no shine, dust, oils, or moisture on the nails after you've done the cuticle work and tips. It doesn't hurt to dehydrate again before bonder. And if your enhancements feel weak, check its structure. Is there a strong enough apex? Are they a reasonable length? After you've gotten yourself a properly working lamp, you may also wanna try looking into other brands. The forum has loads of reviews to help you out, and with some companies, you can order trial size to sample. Good luck!
The cure time we use at college with the edge gels are three mins. The edge recommends 2 mins but our tutor says it actually sets better with 3 mins per layer. We are taught to do three thinner layers to avoid heat spikes.
I would think your main issue would be the lamp. If it doesn't properly cure the product you can't expect the nails to stay put. My guess is once you get a new lamp you're problem will resolve itself :)

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