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Can I put gel colour on top of gel top coat?

  • Yes

  • No

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Oct 28, 2015
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So I have just done a clients' gel nails with Jessica Geleration. It was a dark dark red colour and (as I'm sure we all know) they need a few coats to go completely opaque.
I finished her nails after 3 coats of colour and checked with her to see if she wanted another coat or if she was okay with the colour and she assured me it was fine.
I then got a text from her later telling me she had 'seen them in a different light' and she wants another coat on top.
Basically, my question is - can I put the gel colour on top of the finished nails (the gel top coat already on the nails) or will I have to completely redo the nails?
Of course it is frustrating to have to do the nails all over again because I ASKED her if she was okay with the colour but I only want to 'cut corners' if I know they will still last just as long..

Sorry this is a little long.. But please help!

Thank you!
I've done this before with my own and it hasn't affected the durability so you should be absolutely fine! X
Yes you can they will just be a little harder to soak off
If you want,just buff the top coat just a bit to make it matt,apply the coat of colour and then top coat it again.

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