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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
Hi all,
Just wondered if i could grab a bit of help regarding gel pens for nail art. I had seen it mentioned several times that you can use gel pens, and had been told you can obtain them from most shops, so i have purchased some mini gel pens from tescos but found that they do not draw all that well on the nail.

What am i doing wrong? is there any method to this? Help.

Grace x
Hiya Grace,
I find if the polish is a bit tacky they seem to work better :)
Also you can use them over an acrylic paint, Its trail and error really.
The tesco ones do work for this as i have used my daughters.
Make sure to put a layer of polish or clear basecoat and let it dry before drawing with the gel pens. If it is too tacky you'll end up digging into the polish with your pens. Let the ink dry then put topcoat over it. It does work, and i've seen some okay stuff done with gel pens, but i personally didn't like the results.
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