Gel polish brands, which brand is best?

going back into nails and wondering what everyone uses? best brands? best for durability? best application? many thanks :)

I use the manicure company and quite like it . Asp signature is also ok. ♡


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CND is is the best.

That said, I don't recommend having only CND as your product. Buy a cheap gel polish collection like DnD.

One salon I know uses only DnD and have been very successful with it. The return on the investment was enormous.

The main problem with cheap gel is that you, the nail tech, have a high chance of becoming allergic.


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I use mostly Gelish. But also use Red Carpet Manicure and IBD and have at least 14 days with each brand and lots of my clients go 3 and even 4 weeks. I use only the base and top coat of Gelish with all 3. Never had ANY issues.