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Dec 21, 2015
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Hi, just looking for some advice... I'm not a nail professional but i do my own gel polish nails at home, I currently use sensationail and brands from amazon, however I would quite like to buy some Shellac Products as they are actually cheaper than sensationail and the other brands i use from amazon are really nice colours however the top coat doesnt have a great shine. I was looking into doing a beginners nail course, the shellac ones are quite expensive however, if i were to do a basic manicure course would this allow cnd suppliers to sell me shellac? there is a course local to me and they accept ILA scotland vouchers meaning i could do it for free. It is an NSI course. They also do a Gel Pro polish course, i cant find a price for this however again as i have £200 in vouchers this would go towards the cost. Again because its NSI would i be able to buy CND with this qualification?

Thanks for any advice
You would need to do the cnd course to use cnd products.
If you train in manicure you can purchase CND products.
Just a gel polish course however you won't be able to.
Like Krum said, if you have a mani certificate you'd be able to register with an official distributor and buy it from them. And that is the only alternative to taking a Course with CND themselves in order to buy their products.
You can only buy CND shellac if you have done a course with them
You can only buy CND shellac if you have done a course with them
Thats not true. You can buy shellac with a mani cert as stated above. You have to do a course with them to buy enhancement products but not shellac. X
Ellisons wouldn't let me buy them without doing the course so done it in October x
I buy it from sweet squared with only a mani cert. I've never brought it from ellisons tho x
Aww iv not tried there x

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