Gel polish has cracked over gel enhancements, why?


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May 28, 2013
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cambs, uk

I saw one of my new clients today and it seems the the gel polish has hairline cracks on every nail is looks like mosiac tiles, can anyone tell me why/how this has happened she is coming over tomorrow for me to sort them
Out, I'm devastated a newbie and it was my first set of gel polish over enhancements to a paying customer and it's gone wrong :(

I look forward to your replies :)
Wich gel polish did you use? Did you finish the gel polish with the gel polish topcoat, or with a gel topcoat? If you have finished with a normal gel topcoat that could be the reason because it has cracked. Always use a "softer" gel on top of a "harder" gel, not the other way around
When I have previously had this happen it's because the nails haven't been strong enough and have bent or been knocked and it causes it to crack...or depending which top coat it is if you cure it for too long it can crack...hope that helps x

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