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mollie sheaf

Oct 2, 2013
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Hi girls a clients wants glitter nails tomorrow can I do this a layer of base coat 2 layers of color then add the glitter to the sticky layer then a top coat does this sound right and could the top coat crack because of the glitter ?
You might find you need 2 coats of top coat as the glitter can be rough. I sometimes only use 1 coat if colour if the glitter matches it and gives good coverage. I apply it to the cured colour layer but I use shellac so gel may be different

Vicki x
Hands On Beauty
I Always Do 2 coats of top as I found when wiping the top layer after curing the lint free wipe was catching on the glitter good luck x

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Hi I do base, 2 coats of colour then glitter, one layer of top coat and after curing just give the glitter fingers a light buff until smooth, wipe with cleanse then another top coat. Works for me and they are smooth and never catch :) xx

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