Gel Refills That Show Growth Underneath?


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Feb 14, 2007
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Hey there ladies, have you encountered this situation where you've done a gel fill and can yet see the growth underneath it? I've filed as carefully as I can and when I did the fill you can still see it? Any tips?
do you mean like line from the old product? if so, i try to make sure all the lifted areas are removed, and the product is blended into the nail, then do your fill - that works for me :)
Hey Audrey, that's exactly what I'm talking about. I do file, but I'm scared that i'm going to leave rings of fire. :-(
Which product range are you using?
I'm sorry, what product range? Do you mean what product I'm using? If so, LECHAT. Thanks..
That's a good name gel (as far as I can see) so it isn't a case of poor quality product... maybe you're not buffing down zone 3 enough.
You need to be confident yet proficient when filing for a rebalance/infill, don't be scared and make sure you reduce the grit from 180 to 240 as you get closer to the natural nail, file behind the fill line so there's no chance of filing the natural nail.
The more you do the easier it will become :hug:
Valencianails, you're the bomb! Thanks for the advice. By the way, I notice that i your country, you ladies are trained differently than in the States. Would you mind telling me how you guys are trained? For example, some of the girls post, certified in CND, etc.
Thank you!!!!
You're welcome, hope it helps you x

I trained originally in the UK, then continued my nail education in Spain with the fantastic Gigi Rouse :D
They do have private nail education here, ie with Creative etc, but I'm not sure if they have college courses as they do in the UK.

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