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jennie NE

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Mar 9, 2003
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I did several sets of gels last week for prom. Mainly gel overlays on white tips. Almost everyone of those girls lost there nails right away saying they peeled and cracked where the tip and free edge meet. One said hers lifted off. Anyway they did not last more than a couple of days. I feel like I ripped these girsl off. OR they could have been very rough on them and popped them in there mouths. Why do gels work so well for some and not others. I guess its the same way for acrylics. I use Reflex gel from Supply Source. I always make sure they are prepped well, so I am lost to what may have happened. Reflex is a 1 step gel and I used 2 layers of that and a Gel sealer. One girl I used 3 layers and hers still came off. Any ideas? Thanks :sunny:
Hi Jennie,
I've used the Reflex gel for Natural nail overlays as well as over Tips and I've never had any problems with this gel. Possibly your UV bulb needs to be changed or you didn't cure long enough. Did you cure after applying each layer? That's everything that I can think of. Could be also that maybe you didn't put enough gel at your stress area. I use this gel with a 9 watt UV light and do a full 2 min. cure between each layer. The only thing that I don't like is that it is harder to file then some of my other gels. Your friend and fellow nail tech, Victoria. :D
Yes I cured each layer. I have the turbo tunnel from SS. Its a 4x9 watt light and its only a couple of months old so thats not the problem. Do you have the clients hold their hands upside down to get the gel to run to the center? How do you get the gel to just sit at the stress area?
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