Gel versus Acrylic


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Dec 28, 2005
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Hi what are the main differences between gel and acrylic nails? are gel cheaper? quicker to apply? stronger? thinner looking? i had some gel nails done many many years ago and i could literally just peel off the gel was that because it was a shoddy job? or are the able to just do that? im naturally a nail biter/fiddler and can even bite and fiddle my acrylics off especially when i start seeing them lifting etc etc... what would be best suited for me? lots of questions i know sorry
thanx :confused:
I am finding that many people have had bad experiences of gel here in Spain - too thick, too thin, look awful, peel off, breakages, lifting and so on are the main stories I hear. I have been using gel and only gel for the past 6 years and I have only ever lost one client because they preferred l&p due to the gel heat spike! I just say that people's experience to any of the 3 systems is often down to the quality of the system used, but more importantly down to the skill of the technician.

Personally speaking I like that there is no ratio worries, especially in cold weather, that it is more flexible than l&p and thus makes it tougher, that if the client doesn't use their oil that it doesn't affect the product like l&p, it is softer to file, it is odourless.

The things that I prefer about l&p is it is easier to get a crisper smile line, if you like using glitters they are more readily available to buy "premixed".

As a nail biter if you are going to bite the product off then it really is irrelevant which system you choose cos by hook or by crook you will get them off! :lol:

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