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Oct 24, 2003
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I was wondering how easy or hard it is to do 'gel' nails?
I am trained in L&P and thought of trying another treatment...saw it on a video and it looks quite said that about L&P (yeah right).
I have also noticed that people charge more for gel, why is that?

I am a Gel Tech. On my first day of my training we were given all 3 systems to play with & see which one we wanted to learn. Everyone chose gel as it seemed easier to apply than L&P. I find it easy but that is probably just because I am used to it just like you are L&P! You don't have to worry about getting the ratio correct & it is easier to file but then L&P probably has it's pro's too! Could you not test it at a workshop or something before paying out for a course & kit just in case you don't like it? They say it is harder for a L&P Tech to learn it as it is a softer touch?

Good luck, hope all this makes sense!

Jade x
denisejacqueline said:
I was wondering how easy or hard it is to do 'gel' nails?
I am trained in L&P and thought of trying another treatment...saw it on a video and it looks quite said that about L&P (yeah right).
I have also noticed that people charge more for gel, why is that?

I have heard a phrase about doing gel nails that i think is very true -

"gel nails - easy to learn, harder to master"

gels are a lovely system to work with and i would definitely recommend you trying it out to see what you think. even after i got my qualifications i felt i wanted to do lots of practising before i offered gel nails as a service to my clients.

hope this helps a little!

Jenn xx
hiya denise

I do all 3 systems and to be honest they all need the same thing......................
Lots of
When doing gel one hovers rather than pats and presses................
I like all my systems but my faves are L+P and gel to be truthfull
Jenn said:
"gel nails - easy to learn, harder to master"

Great saying.

All in all, most people feel that Gel is easier to learn and for the most part... I agree.
There is no fuss and muss about mix ratio and basically... if you can paint nails, you can (almost) do gel nails.
However... In my experience... you can never do 100% gel (nor 100% L&P). To be a professional, you must kick butt at all 3 base systems. With Gel, it is much harder to 'scuplt' out nails that are Ski Jumped, Flat, or need special considerations with design.

Its not impossible... just more difficult.

Good Luck
I've been a UV Gel nail tech for 5 years and only learnt L&P 5 months ago - the two systems are completely different - i wouldn't say one is easier than the other! You can get different types of gel. A bottom gel (#1) is usually not thick and not thin, the second layer of gel, a sculpting gel is very thick in consistency and is usually the hardest one to master! The top gel is usually the one that is likened to "painting nails" as it's so thin, it's just a top gloss. You can use either all three systems on just one or two - which ever works best for you as a tech. You can sculpt on forms with Gel and the one better thing (in my opinion) is that you don't have to buff cos it's already glossy!

And most of them, if done well, look VERY real! The one downside with gel is that because it's so see-through you have to make sure your tip blending technique is perfect! :eek:

I'll shut up now! :D But you can tell I'm a fan! :o
I`m also a gel fan and I have to say although it appears easier to use, it does take time and practice along with the other systems.
You can do everything with gel that you can do with L&P, its just different to master, but it should be tried, you really need to be able to do all systems to be a great tech. I`m working on it, lol. I may be a great tech one day, well, at least a good one!
I love gel nails. They are my favorite but to offer a good service you really must be capable of l&p and wrap systems. Gels really are easy to use but harder to master. Some technicians have found that clients can become sensitive to gel easier than acrylic although I have not found this. I am very careful not to touch product to anything but nail and I always wear nitrile gloves to protect myself, not only from overexposure but from catching disease (colds, flu, etc.) as well.
i love that there's no smell while doing them. I love gels just as much as l&p, but it is harder to sculpt.
I am a gel user and tried L&P and got tired of correct ratio and timing.Even if you finish your course ,you have to practise a lot before you start doing gel nails on your paying clients.You'll have your ups and downs, but later on when you gain confidence everything will be fine.Do your homework ,read everything about gels,ask questions,don't be shy and you will be OK.I wish you all the best :p .
Oh !
I forgot to mention, I never use tips,I only sculpt .No blending of tips,fitting them and no glue hence no service break down :cry: .
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