Gelicure Rockstar, how to?


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Jan 21, 2012
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I know there's a thread in here about rockstar with gelicure but I can't seem to find which method to do it in and how to apply the glitter, ie sprinkle, dip, brush...
So would any of you kind ladies please point me in the right direction,
Thanks loads :)
There are two ways of doing it dependent on the effect you want. If you sprinkle onto cured colour coat sticky layer and then topcoat, you get a glitter effect. If you dip your brush in the glitter and rub it into the cured colour coat you get a more foiled effect.

Don't forget to keep a topcoat just for this job as bits of glitter will get in the bottle.

I use Gelicure and Gelish and to be honest, I haven't done rockstar with glitter for ages and I bought a ton of Martha Stewart glitter. The Gelicure Light the Sky Collection gives the same effect as do some of the Gelish glitter coats. Far less messy and quicker than glitter.
Thanks for this, it has helped loads,
I have 3 of the glitter range but it takes lots of layers to get it completely covered and ends up thick :-( personally I think there should be more glitter in them,
I tried to do rockstar with NSI builder gel and they peeled off the tip really easily, I prefer the tip as normal and made sure there were no shine but still peeled :-( maybe I put too much glitter on, I won't give up though I WILL get it right hehe

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