Gelish foundation thick??


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Mar 17, 2012
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I try to scrape as much foundation off brush as I can before applying. I notice though always with a dark colour once foundation is applied and cured and Im onto colour by the time I have done the 1st hand and away to cure, the 1st 3-4 fingers I have painted the colour has disappeared from free edge!!!! I then put some more on............I take it is my foundation still too thick? I dry brush after curing foundation also!
It is from product shrinkage . Apply colour thinner and make sure you seal the free edge too.
As Gigi said it's probably due to not capping the free edge well enough:) When applying foundation I scrape almost all of the product of the brush then swipe over all the nails starting with the tumb (because it needs the most) and applying a little to all the nails. Then I go back and scrub the product into the rest of the nail with the brush.

You have to make sure to cap the free edge with the foundation as well:)
You may need to put them in the light sooner. If you are painting all the nails on one hand, then putting in the light, you may well find that the first one or two will have shrunk back. Until you are quite quick at painting them, just do two on one hand and put in lamp, then do two on other hand and put in lamp.

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