Gelish LED lamp for pedicures 6 or 18 best


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Sep 24, 2008
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Evening all,

I'm seriously contemplating purchasing the LED from NH for Pedi's only (I use UV for nails and I'm not fast enough yet for LED to make a difference yet) however I could really do with speeding up Pedi's as I paint much quicker and it'll mean more confortable for the client. Which LED would be best the 18 or the 6? or no difference?

Many thanks in advance! X
I use 2 UV lamps for Gelish manicures, and have relegated my 4 finger cure Harmony LED lamp for pedicures.
I remove the bottom plate and place the clients foot on it and paint it in situ then cover over with the lamp and cure for the relevant time 10 or 30 seconds.
The client can sit comfortably and does not need to move her foot in and out of a lamp, and even just doing 1 foot at a time I can have toes done in 30 minutes. Result!

I think forking out for the 5 finger cure lamp would be a bit excessive for just toes, as this lamp does the business. HTH
I agree with Izzidol. I bought the 18g for fingers and love it. I relegated my 9g to the pedi station. It makes a huge time difference when doing toes. I also don't think its worth buying the 18g just for toes.

There is also that little Gelish LED lamp (which I've only seen on Ebay) its usually pretty cheap but probably good for toes.
I'm in agreement with the others. With hands, the five finger design of the 18g works great, but is not necessary for feet/toes if that's all you'll use it for. (But I think it is a fantastic lamp for fingers and worth the investment.) The Gelish mini lamp is also great for feet although it is a bit tight in there and it is not motion-activated which means reaching down to turn it on each time.
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If u r going to get one I would get the 18g as although u can't paint hands in 30 secs I still think I'm quicker overall as base and top I can do quicker, also paler colours. I can do 2 sets with soak off in an hour and a half now. If u buy the 4 finger one and end up using it on hands it will annoy u having to do thumbs separate and u will wish u got the 18g to start with!
I would say go with the 18g. What if you become quicker with fingernails? I have found that since I've been using my LED OPI lamp that I'm quicker then I used to be. If u purchase the 18g you can use it for fingers too. Plus, you will be able to offer gel polishes that cure in LED and UV lamps. I use Shellac, Gelish and OPI Gelcolor. I have found that I use more Gelish and OPI because of the faster during times. Plus those two brands offer more colors (Gelish) and matching nail polish (OPI) which is good for clients who want to put the same color on their toes but don't want to pay for gel polish (also great if they can't make it in for a couple weeks and need to fix a chip or regrowth)
Thanks so much for your replies guys I really appreciate it. I think I'll get the 18g and use it for Pedi's til I speed up and I'll use it for mani's eventually. Does the NH LED cure OPI Gelcolour or is that UV? Vx

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