Gelish shinking at free edge


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Mar 17, 2016
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Hi has anybody else had this problem? Nails are all preped and as soon as the colour is applied it starts shinking back.
Do a search on shrinkage. There are plenty of threads and some recent.
Yes very frustrating! Sorry no answers at the moment but if I find an answer I'll let you know
If people have used hand cream before their appointment that can affect the nails and cause shrinkage.
As can heat and cold
In my county and where I live in tropical climate summer is a buggar hahaha always shrinks so just do 2 nails at a time and then the thumbs together and problem solved.
Unless you able to work very fast then do 4 nails and then the thumbs.
Flash cure usually makes my gels go wrinkly so I don't flash cure anything anymore .

But it works for some people so just play around with ideas.

Also make sure you cleanse has included wiping her nails under the free edge too. It helps
Some Gelish colours do that, my solution to that is do one finger at a time, paint -cure, paint other hands one finger. :) Hope that helps :)

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