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Nov 9, 2012
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Evening, I've done gellux and now I've come across crystal nails. A girl from college has just did there course and swears by it. She said the products are better and quicker to apply. So now I'm wondering if I should invest in Crystals rather then gellux , opinions please :) x

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Hi... there will always be a new product/range... are you not happy with the one you're using ? i wouldn't just change because one person is excited with one they've just trained in. She may even change her mind after a while. Maybe try experimenting with Gellux and see what you can do with it ... HTH's xxx
Thanks hun, I think it's cause she was praising it so just thought if it was better, I think because of the idea of it being quicker through the lamp and the colours look alot more brighter. Maybe I should just concentrate on what im doing lol x

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