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Apr 26, 2012
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Hi all, I recently did the course. To practice i then did my own nails perfectly. However a few days later fortunately it was my mum!, the brush in the base/topcoat went hard and on the nails seemed gritty! I put a brush from a new bottle in and surprisingly the same thing happened!,,, did I, 1. Have the bottle too close to led lamp when doing my own nails, or 2, was the fast bond not dry! Can anyone please help?
Sounds like it's been exposed to uv light x
think the same here. you should not let any of your bottles be stood anywhere near to the uv light or led light. make sure you close it properly when not in use (between each coat too) try calling or going into a supplier to see if they can replace the affected brushes or give you a whole new one. I am so careful not to leave mine near any light and don't have any problems with any of mine...have loads of the colours & a few base/top. hope you solve your issue's :) x

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