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Apr 18, 2012
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I'm trying out a new gel called magnetic ATM. I have the Gellux top coat over it but tonight I decided to try out my new OPI that I bought this week but I've no idea how I can take it off!

Can I just use a non-acetone remover? Will that take off the top coat too or just the varnish?

Sounds quite an obvious question but I have never used gel polish before.
Need to use acetone to remove uv gel polish hun. Soak cotton wool pad in acetone and quickly but tightly wrap in tin foil shiny side in, leave for about 15 mins and should have dissolved. Heat speeds things up so i always sit on my hands! Normal people could try wrapping with towels to keep warm haha. Hth xx

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I'm not wanting to take off the gel polish or my enhancements just the standard OPI varnish I've got on top. Wasn't sure if non-acetone would take off the top coat or just the colour on top of the top coat iygwim?
Ohh i see! Yea non acetone remover is fine, i always wash my hands as soon as the polish is gone so it doesnt go on to melt the enhancements. Hth xx

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