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Jan 11, 2003
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I was wondering if you could add a gem or two to nails done with Fabric and if so at what stage?
good question fellow oxfordshire geek...
I have a few clients that have fabric and also love flowers made from Gems on there nails.
I just do as I would with L&P after buffing the nail add polish or topcoat and set the Gems in that and then top coat over the top.
Or you can also just use a tiny blob of resin to hold the Gems in place.
If you are using good quality Rhinestones they should not dull under the top coat

Hope this helps

Take care Dawnie x
I think Ruth will come up with the answer to this...along with everything else (what a diamond ay?)

I would think it would be before the last layer of boost though....think I might have a play tonight, if i can persuade my husband to do the ironing for me, second thoughts better wait until tomorrow lol

Sue x
Well Dawnie and Sue have really covered this ................
If you want to embed the stone, a drop of resin place stone and then boost over it........but this might dull the facets!!!!!
If you want it just sitting on the top, as dawnie said a tiny drop of resin will hold it on place...............or top coat secure it.................

the thing and see which look you prefere...........

love Ruth xxxxxx
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