Gems with Gelish?


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Jan 16, 2013
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Hi All

I was just wondering how you add your gems to gelish?

I have out top coat on and then placing gems on before curing but they don't seem to stay in very long..
If you wouldn't mind sharing your tips I would be grateful

Thank you xxx
Hi, I am new to Gelish application and I would like to know any tips about this too. As I have tried the way you mentioned and they don't stay on 😒 I can only think you have to set them in gel colour??
I'm a newbie but all I can say is that I put them in the colour coat before curing and then the top coat secures.
If anyone else has better suggestions I would be grateful too xx
I normally stick them to tacky layer as curing them in a colour coat may result in under curing.

So I stick them to tacky layer, then with a thin brush (or striper) go around gem with some topcoat and cure, then finish off with a full coat of topcoat.

I also use CND Gelbond depending on size of embellishment.

Hth xx

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I don't get a sticking problem, as mentioned ready, I cure in the inhibition layer, then TIO. BUT, I do hate how the top coat seems to affect the swarovski crystals by almost dulling them!! Is there a knack? I thought about applying TIO around the crystals only, but I think this might compromise the longevity? Xx

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I cure my colour coat, dry brush, then use nail glue to stick the gem on.
Then I float my TIO over the top. Cure.
If it's a larger gem I out a thin layer of structure on, cure, then my TIO.

I've heard a few people on here have problems with the gem looking dull after after applying too coat. I've never had this problem though so not sure about that.

Laura xx
I use gellux but guess it'll work the same, I put crystals on wet top coat cure then apply another top coat all over and cure again. They stay sparkly and last for weeks!
I put on tio then place the gems on and put a small bit of tio over the gem then cure, it's the only way I've been able to get them to stay on for over a week. They don't dull much as far as I can tell :) x
I think I'm applying too much if I'm honest. I kind of coagulates. I like that word...I don't like the effect ha! Xx

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I tried using top coat to put them on and then gel top coat over and within a week most had fallen off. I was told by another manicurist that she uses glue and it seems to work!
Here are my tips for applying crystals and enhancements.

1. I use a tiny blob of Gelish structure gel on the nail and then embed the flat back crystal into it (I only use genuine swarovskis which I get from Fusion Beads | Where your jewelry begins, brilliant value, some times as cheap as $0.03US cents a stone and you just cant beat the colour or shine and the wow factor to your clients is ten fold the cost of buying them)

2. cure under the LED for 30 sec (or UV for 2 minutes) and tap gently to check they are secure

3 with a thin brush apply a "tail" of gel around the embelishment to anchor it further (I always do this to larger stones, fimo slices or bows because of their size and weight not necessary for small flat backs of you have "blobbed" correctly)

3. apply TIO and cure as normal. I find most of my crystals are still on clients up to 3 weeks later and you would have to work hard to cover up the shine on genuine swarovskis, I find cheaper rhinestones just dont cut it and go dull with the top coast as mentioned...and really they aren't any better value.

hope these tips helps and feel free to pm me if you want some step by step pics of how i do mine

cheers :)

PS: using structure gel means you can soak the crystals off easily and occasionally you can save the stones for use again without dulling the shine and sparkle.

So that has got me thinking as to whether I was diddled when I bought my crystals! I also only wanted genuine Swarovski, I thought that's what I have and they are super super sparkly. But yes, when I apply tio they go kinda cloudy looking...grrrrrrrr!!!!

Thanks for the advice! I will look for another supplier.

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I apply the top coat add the gem/embellishment cure. Then do a second topcoat around the gem and cure. Holds well for me usually last until I take them off I currently have quite big bows on my ring fingers iv done the same way n they are on solid still after a week

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