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Jan 10, 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone can anyone recomend where I can get genuine opi colour gel. Waiting for opi to get back to me regarding a trade account but I'm in a bit of a rush. So many places are not selling genuine gel.
Salon Services sell OPI.
Capital Hair & Beauty also have a small range of OPI products.
Do they still? I tried to look online the other day but couldn't find the brand listed.

They don't sell it online but they do in store. Not sure why!!
Definitely sell in store, the one I go to had the new hello kitty OPI when I went in on Tuesday
Sallys [emoji4]
Sallys [emoji4]

I see you are in the US.

Salon Services is the Trade name for Sally's in the UK.
These branches only sell to qualified hair & beauty geeks who have to register with them and provide proof of qualification.

Their sister company called Sally's sell to the general public as well as Trade but I don't think they'd stock OPI in the actual Sally's stores. :)
Sally's doesn't sell gelcolor. does - tell them Destinee sent you.

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