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Jun 21, 2004
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I am being part of this fashion show on friday and i have to do some models nails as some of you guys might know allready. But now i am so lost cause i feel like i am not that great with nail art. I am taking my first nail art course in september. Can anyone give some ideas or advice, pleaseeeeeeee:cry:
Do you know what the theme is ???
Build it around that............. The colours and the style..............
Sometimes the plainest art is the most outstanding stuff........
Good luck babe and take piccies and share them with us xxxx
The store providing the clothes is a jeans house , i am gonna try to stay basic i guess, even though i would have liked to do 3d but every petal i try to do always comes out a different size. grrrrrr

PS- Mrs Ruth i send you a message a while ago did you ever get it?
Hi Simona, send it again can't find it anywhere................
Have been a bit manic lately..........
So I havn't ignored you on purpose honest xxxx
Consider doing a classic french (l&p or polish), and top it with rhinestones across the smile line. It's simple and pretty. Don't stress yourself by trying to do more than you're confident doing. Keep it simple, and continue practicing on your own.
Hiya Simona,
I would not try and do anything to grand, Mainly because of the time it takes.
Lots of fashion shows pre do designs on full nails and then apply to the models on the night.
if its demin what about blue with a white criss cross burbery style check over this works really well with demin or blue polish with just flowers in white only created with a dotting tool again looks fab with denim - i'd post the pics if i had some...good luck and remember simple can be more striking than fancy...
I'd go with Ruth on this one. Do the nails in keeping with the style of the clothes. I don't know whether this is the case with all fashion shows but generally they don't want the nails to outshine the outfits because it takes away from the overall effect and also can look too busy! Understated can still look extremely effective.
Hello Ladies,
I Wanna Thank You Very Much For All The Advice You Gave Me. The Show Was Nice And I Had Fun. It Was A Nice Experience.the Nails Were Nice And As Soon As I Get Some Pics I Will Show.
Thank You So Much

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