Getting google to change the information they give on their front page?


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Apr 7, 2008
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Morning Geeks

I'm hoping someone can help me! This way way way off topic but...

The information that Google has on their front page for the charity I work for Google is incorrect and its causing real problems!

They have put our opening times as 9-6 when they are 10-4.30 so its really confusing people and very inaccurate. I don't know where they have got their information from as the opening times have been the same for 30 odd years! It is a very recent posting as it wasn't there the day before yesterday but we have already had people causing real problems about it!

I've been to Google and tried to find a 'contact us' button or section but there doesn't seem to be one. I've left a message on the Privacy Policy section (which seems to be the only place that lets you communicate) and I'm waiting to hear back (I'm not holding my breath!) but I was wondering if anyone hd experienced the same thing or knew what I could do?

I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help! Please, I'm desperate!!!!

Is that on their search results? But the website in question has since been updated?

There can be a time lag of a few days between a website being updated and the Googlebot re-visiting that website to read the latest information from it.

That would be the most likely cause... Google's cache containing an out of date version of the website (with the old opening times) even though the website has since been updated...
Hi Ruth

Thanks for answering. The prob is that our website hasn't been changed, it has never said that we are open 9-6 and Google has only recently added our opening times. They weren't there the day before yesterday, its an enigma!

I don't really know what to do to change it or to get it changed. If I follow the link that asks'is this accurate?' all it has is the correct information. I'm completely stumped! And it's easier to get through me to talk to my boss than it is to talk to someone at Google (I'm a PA and its my job to protect my boss and I'm hard work!:lol:) so I can't even speak to a human to discuss my problem.

There are a number of illegal and unofficial websites about Highgate Cemetery that have inaccurate information but we are top of the google listings (thank goodness or our problems would be even worse) so I would assume that our site would be the one the Bot would read most frequently.

I guess you haven't ever heard of anything like this before? I'm getting sooooo frustrated!:rolleyes:

Hi there

I am not sure if this can definately help, but I had a similar issue with a blog quite a few years back, and found that I was able to edit bits of info through this webmaster tools page.

Take a look and log in, it might not be some thing that will help you but you never know!

Hope you can get it sorted x

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