getting married tomoz


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Aug 7, 2003
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sudbury suffolk
:p :o

yeah i am getting maried tomorrow and i tought i would tell ya all....

had my nails at Nail Masters and they are fantastic thanks kelly!!

cazza x
good luck and wishing you the best for the future
FatalAttraction said:
:p :o

yeah i am getting maried tomorrow and i tought i would tell ya all....

had my nails at Nail Masters and they are fantastic thanks kelly!!

cazza x

Have a lovely day -

PS glad you got sorted.
have a lovely day looks like the weather will be brill as well xx

Have a wonderful day - savour every moment as it will go so quickly. Wishing you every happiness for the future xx
Have a wonderful day....the weather looks good..!
:) congratulations ! ! hope you have a lovely day.
best of luck.
have a really really wonderful day
Congratulations Cazza and way to go!
Heres to a happy life together!
Enjoy your day!
Congratulation have a great day weather looks good good luck for the future
congratulations , hope you have a fab day and get fab weather , luv dee
Congratulations on your big day! The weather has turned out fine for it! We will want to see photos:green: Hope you had a great day and everything turned out alright, although what would any wedding or other special occassion be like if there weren't some funny stories to tell about them. Just as long as they're not too disastrous! Lol

Has anyone got any stories they'd like to share? I have one but it's not from a wedding, it was my neighbours' daughters' Holy Communion party and our very drunk neighbour bombarded the party! She was shouting and swearing and telling everyone she had no knickers on and to get her a f*~#ing drink! We were all just stood there with our jaws dropped! We wouldn't have been so ashamed if it was just us there, well we would ha ha but Annes' family had come over from Ireland especially for it and they didn't drink! So in the end she was so drunk that i just had to literally throw her out, i took her outside and slowly edged her towards the side gate and said "look we're nearer your front door, it's easier to get home this way" and promptly shut the gate behind her so she couldn't turn round and come back in! She wouldn't have even known what i was talking about anyway, she was absolutely paraletic (probably not spelt right). Everyone was peeing themselves laughing because it was so unlike me! Well someone had to do it, this was in front of children as well. Later on i found out that she had been in the kitchen and was kneeling down in front of Annes' uncle saying come on i'll give you a bj:eek: Now you know why she wasn't invited! At the time it was a complete nightmare but now whenever we talk about it we just have to laugh coz despite that it was a good day!

Sorry i know i've gone on a bit but it just came to me & i had to share it!
Now see if you can top that one! Hahaha!
See ya
That was the funniest story I have read in a long time.
Hey Kaz chickadee ;)

Hope your big day went well for you :biggrin: :biggrin: Im sure I'll hear all about it from Tracie lol!!!

Speak tya soon buddie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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