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Apr 5, 2010
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Hi guys,

I am still in the stage of getting my nail polishing perfect. I must say it did improve since I have been practising a lot.I started looking for a job in a salon but must say I don't feel yet very confident doing trade tests should they ask me to do one.
Just a quick question - is it ok to practise polishing on myself? I really want to dedicate this at least an hour every day but can't get someone to practise on every single day. Many thanks for your replies.
Give this article from Gigi a read - has helped lots of people

Also as far as getting practice a nice way other than getting people to sit for you is to get some cheapy cheapy tips that techs use for nail enhancements and you can take the tip, sit it in a blob of blu tac to hold it in place and practice on those til your hearts content.

Just get some of the cheapest you can find as you arent tipping with them, only polishing.

Beacuse they are curved like a nail they give you a good idea of how to get an even polish.
Of course it is ok to practice on yourself. Especially if you cannot get any one else at the time. All practice is good practice. It is great to see someone who cares about doing a great job and who wants to work to put the practice in. The other thing you could do is get one of the practice hands, peculiar things that they are. You can get them from suppliers or ebay is probably cheaper, then you always have a willing hand to practice on.

Any salon that employs you will be a lucky one! :green:
The most important thing when polishing is 'the touch' and getting your perimeter lines perfect on the first colour coat. .. it is hard and awkward to practice on yourself and get the touch right when working at the wrong angle.

Far better and much more practical to make a practice finger as suggested above with blu tac and push the tip into it to get a very realistic 'finger' to work on. Costs about 50pence!! Cut the sheet in half .. roll up into a roll about the same circumference as a finger - pinch the ends into a rounded shape and away you go. :hug:

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