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Mar 6, 2006
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I have been asked if I do Gift vouchers by several customers who want to give them as pressies. Does anyone know where to get them from?

you can get gift vouchers from any of the suppliers like sallys, salon services, sassi.

I do mine on vistaprint.

I use a notelet template and type Gift Voucher on the front cover
inside I pay extra for it to be in colour, I write a message and further down I type in my contact details.

when I get them, I print a smaller picture on the plain envelopes, or you can get vistaprint to do it for you at an extra cost.

I also make my own using plain cards from Tescos, you got 50 in a pack with matching envelope, and can get them in white or cream.
I go into word, put in the dimensions and then choose a picture to go on the front, the best thing about this is you can personalise them, put more of your own details on it, etc.
I've always created my own using microsoft word or publisher, i print them onto plain card or glossy card.
As others have said you can either design and print them yourself, get them printed by a professional or buy them ready made from a supplier. Wherever you get them from though you can still enhance the voucher to make it more special.

I have put my vouchers in an envelope and into a small matching gift bag. I have included a brochure, business card and small box of Guilyan chocolates too (99p from local newsagents!) and people have been really impressed with them.:)
I tell you what works really well, is to put the gift voucher in a CD Gift Box, you can get some really nice ones.

But as pure said, its better to put them in a gift bag as you can then add your price list, and other bits and bobs.

Can you imagine on chrissy day opening your envelope to see that you have a voucher for xx, whoppee! thats it! wheras if you put a price list in, you can then look through to see what you fancy having for your money. I sometimes put a bag of homemade bathbombs in, thats always a conversation starter, but generally do that if I'm donating a gift voucher for a raffle prize.
Hi,i was thinking of giving my clients { all four of them} a xmas card then putting a gift voucher in for money off a treatment.Like i said i dont do alot and its not every week so what amount would do discount any advice would great?
sorry to jump into this thread whitefeather but like the others have said vista print of you can make your own and put that bit more into it from you personaly,{also ya price list!} good luck xx
I get mine from 3tpromotions ltd. They have some real nice designs and you can choose from treatment certificates or Sterling certificates (£5, £10, £20). xxx
Ellisons and beauty express do gift vouchers with envelopes.You fill in your own details.
I have just had some printed from qubic and they are perfect, I can't fault them. They look 100% professional come in a book of 50 with an amount (mine are £10 each), envelopes and cost just under £40 imo that is a bargain as some of the ones in the wholesalers catalogue look like complete s**t !! yet cost nearly £10 for 10 !!! The salon details and logo are printed on them they are personalised exactly how you want them and they have loads of designs.

If anyone would like to see my proof then please pm me. I can honestly say I wish id done this before as it beats faffing about on publisher for hours to end up with something half decent.

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