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Aug 22, 2007
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Is there anyone that has one or used one and there reviews on it does it do everything it says???I ordered one and cant wait to recieve it,it's like waiting for christmas morning..
When your nail trainer comes it will soon become your best friend, they are great and you will be forever doing nails on it.

Hi, I am a new nail tech in training. I was wondering about your Gina Wallace nail trainer.
Did you get it, and how has it been for you? I really need to get faster with my gel applications, and I am getting frustrated. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.
Mary Ann
As a lot of geeks on here will tell you its one of the best tools you can invest in, it really does become your best always have someone to practice on, she never moans at you and she wont get bored or go buy one .. :lol: hth.. xx
i have one of these and have owed it/her for about 8 years, i wouldnt be without it, they are invaluable flower - when i feel the need to practice and all the family cant be bothered, ethel comes to the rescue every time - tho i will admit that you have probs with tips/forms etc fitting perfectly, but this just makes you WANT to make them fit - cos no dumb ass plastic hand will get the better of ya

I love my nail trainer although I do admit I have nearly thrown her out the window a few times. Sometimes the nails keep popping out of the fingers. I looked on here for some hints on how to keep them firmly stuck. But Handy Sandy is my best friend at the moment.

You will love her she is so patient!!! lol
Me and betty (nail trainer) are the best of friends as shes lets me do what i like without moaning or asking questions she didnt even shout when i pulled her finger off:lol::lol:

Seriously though these are the best tool you can have i would be lost without mine:green:
Can I just clarify that Gina Wallace is a representative of the Essential Nails Nail trainer and it is not her brand, as it were. She distributes it in the USA but the nail trainer was designed and built in Great Britain.

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