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Apr 14, 2003
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hi guys and girls today i have taken off my nail polish which consisted of toughen up base coat and two coats of creative polish and then super shiney top coat to find ekkkkkkkkeeeeekk the horribleness of it all a few of my fingers have yellow patches on!!! my hands where clean and sanitised is that the start of a greenie :evil: ? i have never seen this before do we need to be worried now about getting greenies under nail polish what is going on?? so strange! just to clarify that my nails had no marks or staining on them pior to me applying nail polish someone help to put my mind at rest im frightened to put my nail polish back on again now! do you think i have had some adverse reaction to polish?how strange and one else come across something the same? :shock:

I seriously doubt a bacterial infection could start under enamel. Its far too porous for that.
Chances are that the enamel has stained the plate during removal. Try running some acetone or product dissolvent over the plate. Should sort it straight out. ;)
hi geek thanks for getting back to me :D well this is what i thought but i first tried with a fresh pad of enamel remover no joy so tried some acetone and its so not shifting :shock: i know its not going to be the enamel because hey its all creative 8) so i dunno its got me stumped :? i could maybe be persuaded that it could be staining from the polish if i hadn't used a base coat but i did :rolleyes: any other idears dears??
tis freaky :!:
Does it buff off? I assume so... If you have a more porous plate... the dissolved enamel can easily work its way into the plate (no matter how great the enamel is). Saying that, the acetone should have lessened the colouration if that was the case.
Is it pretty consistent throughout all the nails?
well hun heres the thing its only on my pinky (the whole nail) and ring finger on my left hand (a little blob) and two blobs on index and ring finger on my left other nails are as clear as a bell strange huh :shock: trust me to be bloody akward! ;) good news is yay i would say it will buff off fine but even still would be interested to know whats doing here :? after all if it happens to me could happen to a cleint would be cool to have an awnser for it thanks matey
btw sam i did use toughen up base coat first so could it still dissolve through i used the knights armor cheers!
Can I add that i used toughen up and nail polish and i have noticed yellow staining on my index fingers - i am stumped as well!!!!

I am going to ask Doug Schoon on this and see if he can enlighten us :idea:
Thanks mrs geek would be handy to know :D
This is Doug's reply!! Maybe you can answer his points and I will forward them to him!!!

Now for your question... it seems strange that it would not happen on all fingers if it were related to the product. It is always possible that an ingredient in any nail coating could be absorbed into the surface of the nail plate and discolor it, but you expect that to happen on all 10 nails. Does the discoloration come off when the nails are filed? What else can you tell me about the clients and their lifestyles? Are they older clients?

HTH's ;)
Does the discoloration come off when the nails are filed? What else can you tell me about the clients and their lifestyles? Are they older clients?

This has happened to my nails (thankfully) - after some filing the yellow did seem to dissapear. over the course of a week it has started to appear on my thumbs!!!

With regards to lifestyle its for me so nothing to strenuous!!!!!!! - with regards to my age (how rude asking a lady!!!!!!!! :rofl: )24!!!! so not that old!!

How weird is this - like i said before i am really careful about my prep even on myself - but maybe it is something i am doing! :?

Look forward to the verdict!

Maggie and I have both been experiencing this over the last few months with toughen up and polish. Mine tends to go an almost fluorescent yellow.... looks like I've treated myself to a dozen tangerines!

Tried to remove with everything possible on a pad but it buffs off when exfoliated with a koala, but very weird only to be happening on 3-4 nails.

It was suggested that perhaps it was a chemical reaction.... not seen it on any clients nails... Like the others mags and I don't do much other than nails :D and although I smoke it's never on my 'smokey' fingers... only happens with toughen up as a base...

But yep it's very yucky.

Thanks ladies - will copy your posts and send them to THE MAN HIMSELF - let's see if we can get to the bottom of this bizarre situation :!:
while i was at dawnie's on sunday gemma did me a pedicure and when she removed my polish from my toes i also had staining but only on my big toe nails i did use toughen up 2 coats polish and out the door top coat with a little light buffing it did come off but it was the same tangerine colour :?: :?:
hi girls well what have i started here! sorry i have only just managed to get back to you been very busy :D
yep i agree its like you have been on a tangeraine munch and is only on a few fingers mine also came off with a buffer so no harm done :D
definatly not down to smoking as they where clear before the polish went on so got me stumped :? hopefully the man 8) can get to the bottom of it. ;)

Just thought I would add to this little post :D

I (yes, me!) have also suffered from this problem. Now I would like to say it is a little problem, but unfortunately, I don't think it is. Great if you don't mind keeping polish on, poop if you just want a clear or light colour. I've also had a few other manicure clients with the same prob.

They ask why is this happening? I just have to point out that at the moment I really don't know. Nail Brite does help after a while, but really you don't want it happening in the first place.

Gigi did mention some time back that it can occur if you are using a formaldehyde based polish. Well as far as I'm aware none of CND's polishes contain such a beast :D

I am now very wary about using polish on my nails, just in case they discolour again, so good on you Samantha, please continue your investigation to rid us of this dreadful yellowing.


Just thought I would push this post back up to the top to see if there was any further news on it.

Samantha.................have you heard anything?

yep!i've had this too,except my base coat was creatives Stickey....only on some nails and pretty bright!

heli :shock:
I have had the yellowing for weeks now - i lightly buff it away but it seems to continue to appear - :?

I very rarely wear polish these days but, as I was in need of infills over the holidays with no time to do them I painted my nails ...OPI red with snow-flakes. Had some time to do a fill yesterday, and lo and behold .... bright yellow on my pinkie :shock: I used Stickey base-coat, OPI polish, and 'Looks Wet' on top. Im stumped as its only on one finger!
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