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Dec 5, 2013
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Hi ladies,
Just after a bit of advice please!
I've been trained in acrylics for a couple of years but almost all my clients have shellac, I've had a few for acrylics but if new clients call and want them I just try to get them to have shellac instead as I've not had many acrylic clients, I'm not confident at all and they take me ages so not worth the money either!
After a lot of contemplating I've decided to take them off my price list.
A few weeks ago I had a new client that has just moved into the area and came to me for acrylics, I had the feeling that she may come back (if she liked them)-they took me two hours [emoji33].
She may not even get in touch again but now I've taken them off my price list I'm worried if she does call me wanting an infill/another app what do I say?
I've never had anyone wanting an infill so not entirely sure what I'd do anyway even if I was still offering them!
Will it sound silly to say I'm not doing them anymore even though I literally just did them for her nearly 3 weeks ago?
Any help/advice greatly appreciated! Thankyou
Do you want to do them? If you don't mind doing them then keep hold of the products & brush etc and play it by ear when she calls. I'll be honest, If shes had them by you before then I doubt she will even notice they have gone from your pricelist.

But, if you don't really like doing them, can do 2/3/4 (whatever) other higher value treatments in the same 2 hours that a set of acrylics would take then simply tell her that you are no longer doing them as you specialize in other areas of beauty & don't have the demand for them to hold onto the products. Maybe find out the details of some other enhancement techs in your area so if you do get any calls you can pass their details on. It still seems helpful that way :)

I've just retrained in L&P and they are taking me 2-2.5 hours a set atm so I feel your pain! Plus I'm getting more lifting than I'd like so rebalances are taking me forever! I'm determined to stick to them this time round tho lol xx
Hi Minkeybox, thanks so much for taking the time to reply!
I only would want to keep doing them if I was really good, I've been looking at other techs and they're just amazing [emoji33][emoji33] I really can't say that about mine! I was looking at retraining but then realistically I hardly ever get asked so I wouldn't even make my money back from the course!
I thought I would keep my brush, liquid and a clear powder as I have (occasionally) had clients with one very short bitten nail where I can build a small nail from acrylic to then shellac over. I don't mind doing that but I definitely can't do a full set when I can do lashes in an hour or just under for £40 then charging £25/£30 for acrylics taking me 2 hours like you say it's not worth it!
I had someone book a couple of weeks ago and I have been honest with my clients explaining i don't do them often so I'm slower than what is probably normal but she still wanted to book then never turned up!! [emoji35]
Probably my own fault but 2 hours of my time booked out for something I was dreading for her to then not even come in or call me to cancel! Not something I want to keep happening!
I know another tech nearby who is excellent at acrylics so think I'll send them to her!!
Thankyou, good idea to say I don't have the demand as I had already explained how everyone loves shellac and growing their natural nails! I just couldn't persuade her.
She's always had them done at nss salons so as I was so slow I'm kinda hoping in a way this will mean she'll find another salon to do them quicker than me for her!
As I don't think much of the acrylics i do then I'd rather not do them, if clients start bad mouthing my work I don't know what I'd do as everyone is really happy with everything else I provide!
Thankyou xx
If you hate it that much dont do it.

Nothing should instill that much dread in your working life! Life's too short.

Stick to what you know and/or love.
Your welcome hun! Sometimes we second guess ourselves so much that its handy to just bounce ideas off someone!

I trained and did them but was never very good, so a year ago I stopped offering them & sold off everything. I was happy at the time as I made a bit of money back for it all, but fast forward a year and I have sat the conversion course & re- ordered it all again from S2, a few hundred quid just this morning on products.( I have to laugh or ill cry *wink) So its probably best to hang onto a few bits, especially if you can up sell a nail or two that dosn't take too long, but keeps you in practice so to speak.

If I was quicker I would be booked out daily with them, but, as most of my clients go to an NSS I just cant compare to their timings! I'm getting so frustrated I feel like stopping ppl in the street & dragging them to my nail desk. Its catch 22, you need to do them to get quick, but cant do them because you take too long!

If you wont miss doing them & can fill the spaces with more profitable treatments, then wave 'em goodbye lol xx
Thanks ladies!
Yes I totally understand it is a vicious circle!
Like when I learnt lashes my first set took me 3 hours!! But I had a lot of call for them and obviously got quicker and quicker. Acrylics is another matter, I've probably done like 3/4 sets on customers and even practiced on friends but I'm still not happy with them, I think they'll have to go! It annoys me a bit as I love being creative and acrylics can look stunning but it's just not something I can get the hang of or feel good enough at it!
Thankyou all for reassuring my decision! Xx

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