Glass files on Ebay ... what are they?


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Jun 21, 2010
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south yorkshire
I've been flicking through ebay tonight for a couple of bits for the baby & while I was looking at some of the stuff on there I came across stone files.

Has anyone heard of these? If so what are they for do you know? They kind of looked like glass files, but the picture made them look a fair bit thicker.

tia :)
I have some stone files from a long time ago. I used to have the sheet on them somewhere about what stone and color corresponds to the use. There is one for natural nails, toenails, enhancements, finish filing. Haven't seen them around in years though. They worked pretty good, but they are porous so they are not deemed disinfectable by my state.
Thanks, I just wondered what they are as I've never heard of them before :)

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