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May 1, 2003
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Hampstead, London
My friend at work has seen the glass nail files advertised on one of the shopping channels and was asking me if I think they're any good. I've seen them advertised in the nail magazines but are a bit doubtful about them because if they were really that good wouldn't all nail technicians be using them? :rolleyes: Obviously they would only be used for standard filing of nails (not prep etc) but am not sure if they are really any good for that as a permanent option.

Does anyone have any experience of these files please?

I have used them.

I find on natural nails they are great and a good 'novelty' sales item in the salon. Not cheap, but they are supposed to last forever so the price doesn't seem too outrageous.

For enhancements? Too small. Not robust enough to get through the work quickly and are only good for reducing length not buffing etc. My opinion.
I'm really glad that you posted this b/c i would really like to know what others think about them. I put something in a thread i started earlier, but there were no comments :(
I've seen them and was impressed by how fine the "grit" was on them and how tough and longlasting and cleanable. they seemed.
Plus they look really pretty!

I really like them, i have 2 which my sister gave me, she is trying to start up her own business selling them to salons, its going really well at the mo!
I tend to agree with geeg though, i use them mostly on natural nails, or just to reduce length on acrylic. They do clean really easy too! They do retail really well though and they come in different sizes- small handbag size, medium handbag size, large (pedicure size) and I've got a med size with a silver handle its lovely! oh and different finishes too- engraved, silver handles & sheafs, hand painted and colour shades!
I was interested in them too but once I read some literature I realised that they do not come in standard grit levels like other files
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