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Jan 12, 2003
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Bildeston, Ipswich
Hi Ladies

A little help please.....bought some Mosaic Glimmer powder about a month ago.......went to use it to create a sparkly white on my forever french, and it came out clear and sparkly! Do I need to mix this with my white? If so what's the ratio girls.

Thanks in anticipation,
Hi Dellie

There are two powders - Glimmer and Twilight. One is based round Natural and the other is based round Soft White - Glimmer is obviously the Natural one. I got them confused the first time and thought it was the other way round.

I hope that makes sense.
Hi Dellie,
Glimmer does finish up clear with the little hologramish sparkles in it. I love it!!

I suppose you could do a very thin layer of white acrylic for the free edge if you are sculpting, or use a french cut out white tip, and then apply glimmer powder over the top. ( I haven't tried it over a french cut out white tip yet!) or in the Metro powders set, there is a white in there and it looks kinda snowflaky, white with white colour sparkly bits. Looks like fresh snow in the dark!!

Good luck

luv Sarah x
Thanks ladies, and there was me trying to be clever!

The way I did was to get some clear tips and mess about with beads. You can better understand how powders can be used and how they look. As you noticed some are more 'seethrough than others'. Don't be scared to
mix and match as they are all perfect color powders so it's o.k to do so. I found some of the powders very powerful and opaque. You can mix a little clear to soften the look. But try it out first

Recently I reintroduced a white french with City of Peace Metro. Looks very nice indeed.

Tec Tips
in zone 1 overlay a thin layer of clear for fab finishing.
Watch you don't file away the powders close to the free edge in the early days. Make sure you mix enough or keep records of what your doing with these powders. You never get the mix right again......Have fun!!
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