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Jul 29, 2006
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Calgary - Alberta
After months of telling myself that I was crap and would never be able to do nails - I finally go and do a set that I can be somewhat proud of!

I know there are still a lot of things that need correcting (not sure what they are but I am sure you will all tell me) but still I am quietly please!

Your thoughts please!
I think they look good,esp considering they are done on a nail trainer - never could get on with mine!!:lol: The only thing I would say is on the second pic it looks like theres a bit of gliier 'escaped' onto the nail bed - I always use a seperate dappan dish and different brush to do glitter tips, it stops it getting everywhere!

Well done chick:hug:
What makes you think you are crap...they are not crap. They are really nice...yeah a bit of filing here and there to neaten up, but i can promise you i have seen alot worse done by people who think they are ace.

Keep going !!!
Thanks girls!
Bagpuss can you tell me where I need to do the filing?
Thanks girls!
Bagpuss can you tell me where I need to do the filing?

the sides look fine...a few swipes on the free edge just to neaten them up is all thats needed....pic 1 middle finger.

zone 3 is lovely and flush...think my fav is the ring finger. :hug:
Thanks Bagpuss - the ring finger eh? I am supprised, I thought the 1st finger had the better smile line but I'll take your word for it being that you are far more experienced than me!!!
pic 4..ring finger...makes me wanna go...Ohhh Yeahhhhh xx
Believe in yourself and PRACTISE at every opportunity.
Good luck x:)

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