Glitters - acrylic? gel?


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Sep 19, 2007
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On the nail graphix website it says to mix clear or pink acrylic with the glitters, it also says that you can use the glitter for acrylic or gel so here's my Question.....
If your adding pink or clear acrylic powder to the glitter, then I cant use the same glitter for gel, so am i going to have to buy 2 glitters the same one for acrylics and one just for gel?

i was also going to ask as am new to this what kind of amount of acrylic do you put to glitter????? i got given my glitter by a former tech and didnt get any mix ratios
what glitter do you use hun, i got the nail graphix ones which are in a pre measured pot, you just fill to the rim of the pot with powder
not sure i have read this right but if you was to buy 1 pot of glitter...and take some out to use for gel, then your ratio would be out for whats left to use for L&P.

To use with gel as i do...i apply some clear gel (thin) dab with a spare brush the glitter on and cure..then seal with clear gel and cure.
could you do the same with acrylic. thin layer then glitter then another layer.
did i not word it right? lol sorry

i have 7 pots of glitters, now if i add the powder to them for the mix, that means then i have to buy more glitters for gel. The glitter i have can be used for both gel and acrylic, but im thinking its going to cost alot if i have to buy separate glitters for gel, so any ideas?
i got given small tubs of just glitter not big enough to mix in
If you are using the Nail Graphix for gel and L&P then yes of course you would need to buy 2 pots LOL.

Alternatively you could say take half of the glitter out of the pot for use with your gel and then top up the other half with powder on a pro rata basis - does that make sense.

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