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Nov 14, 2013
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Hi, I'm a newbie!!

I'm just starting my own mobile nail tech business. I've made a Facebook page and have been busy setting that up.

I thought while I was getting ready to go out into the big wide world of manicures and pedicures I'd sell glue on false nails that I've added nail art to.

I was selling them for £5 a set.

My first client asked for 2 sets, she was extremely happy with the look but they didn't fit!

Does anyone have any tips on how to judge sizes when making these for people (without having seen them first?)

I've made 2 more sets for 2 more clients but now feel reluctant to send them out in case they don't fit either!

I put a lot of work into them and it's put me off quite frankly!

ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1384612405.966368.jpg I've attached an example.

Many thanks for any advice!
You can't possibly judge without seeing them in person first, everyone's nails are different size and shape... When I do extensions using tips, I can pretty much guarantee that in going to have to custom at least half of them to suit the client xx
I think there was a thread about this a few weeks ago and some geeks ask the client to come in so they can size them up.

If they can't come in or you are selling online then you will need to provide sets with more than 10 nails (like they would get if they purchased otc stick on nails!).

Hth :)
I was wondering the exact same thing as I've been planning on selling a few sets but was put off by not knowing the size of the clients nails so what I thought about was when you buy a box of stick on nails say from superdrug they always put like 26 in the box so its guaranteed that at least 10 will fit ! Good luck hope this helps ❤ x
Thank you for your replies!

My client got them to fit in the end...thank god!!

I don't think I will continue selling them though!

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