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Aug 12, 2007
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Hi all, wish me luck i start the NSI liquid and powder foundation course tomorrow! Eek I'm really excited but very nervous too, I've bought new shoes, pants and a tunic, felt just like a kid getting my back to school uniform LOL.

Anyway some quick questions: I'm thinking of working from home in a spare bedroom for those of you who do this do you think clients mind coming to your house, do you have people just turn up at stupid times expecting you to sort them out, for any of you with pets do you mention this to prospective clients in case they have allergies or do you think it would put them off coming and finally have you ever had a client turn up with the whole family in tow?

Sorry for all the questions
I work from home and I have two dogs. I always make sure that i hoover any areas the client will go before my clients come round and i never mention i have dogs unless they tell me have dogs and i know they are dog people. Its not just allergies some people are scared of certain pets and then being in a nother room could be an issue for them.
With working from home - not everyone can or wants to accomodate someone in thier own but some people still prefer a more relaxed enviroment to a salon. Some people will prefer a salon but thats fine they just wont come to you lol. Working from home means im able to offer funny hours and lower prices and clients appreciate this! I do advertise that my salon is home based though as I think a client needs to know this before booking.
Personally I dont mind if clients bring someone along with them but genrally this just doesnt happen. I do kids manicures and of course then it can get a little crowded but so far other than my services or 2 people have turned up on thier own!
The main problem I have working from home is that people seem to think because your at home anyway its ok to just not turn up! Never mind the fact you have got out products tools and changed into your uniform and been sitting around for the past half hour!!!
Oh and good luck for your course!!!!
Good luck Darling hope all goes well for you !!!!

let us know how you got on
Deb x
wishing you all the very best for your course:):):hug:
Wishing you all the best with your course :hug:
Good luck , i am sure you will enjoy it, i did e file course with nsi last week , the trainer was really nice, all of the staff were lovely, so dont worry just be excited!:hug:

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