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May 30, 2007
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Could anybody tell me what the current hourly rate is approximately for a cnd Master Tech (if working for a salon), as I am trying to decide whether to go back in the salon or not as I am currently a mobile tech, but want to know if it would be financially viable to consider or if best to stay self employed.


I dont know about the going rate but just wanted to welcome you to the site :green:

And another Cambs geek ... we don't have many this way :lol:

I think it depends on your area. What a tech in London may earn would be way different from say a tech in a much smaller area.

Best bet would be to phone some salons in your area and ask.
May be an idea to contact the Beauty Guild as I think a survey on salaries is carried out each year. It's on lots of other things too but they may be able to help.
where im at (hartlepool) on the northeast coast - i charge £34 per full set - higher than most local techs - and ive been told that is too low (cos of grandmaster status blah blah blah)this equates to £22.66 per hour. but in london im sure it would be higher - totally depends on geography flower
Im doing all my masters at the minute and i charge £45 i won't be putting it up when i pass tho this is the going rate in my area xx
I am a creative master technician, and i charge from £38 for a full set, and from £24 for infills. I work from home now and have many many loyal clients, so i wont be putting my prices up for a little while yet, although i do sometimes think i am perhaps a little underpriced.

Its all to do with the area in which you work really.
Thanks so much for all your replies this helps loads with my decision making. One salon offered me £6.00 ph and they provide all prodcts, but thats just an insult considering they charge £48.00 per set and I would get approx £7.00 for doing them, with 6 years experience behind me also.

Thanks peeps x

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