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Jan 11, 2003
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I've been considering taking before & after shots of my clients.

There are 2 reasons I thought this would be a good idea

1 Keep with individual client records (a picture paints a 1000 words & all that)

2 I could use them to show other clients (or perspective) & get more business

3 (ok, I lied) It would make me look very different to anybody else they might have had before & hopefully it would stick in their minds.

There are also 2 reasons why I thought it might be a bad idea

1 Expense, I don't have a digital camera(well not if you actually want to be able to tell whats in the photo) so I'd be using my v. expensive & cutsey diddy Sony film one.

2 I am well aware of DPA (& am already registered) & thought some people might think I was a bit freaky, wanting to take pics constantly

I know some of you already do this, but honestly, how do you think it works? Is it worth it?

I really just wanted your opinions

Hi Kitty,

I think it is a good idea from various points. The clients and prospective clients can see the difference between the before and afters. Also as I have done when a client comes for manicures rather than enhancements you can chart their progress over the weeks.

The only down side of using a film camera is after 36 pictures will you really be able to remember whos hands were whose lol.
If you are using a still camera, just get organized..............
just get a note book and write down who, what and when, in order of the piccies taken.
I use a still for years and they must have thought at the printshop, that I had a nail fetish.
I now use a digi camera or my phone one(not ideal but great if I forget my camera)
Love Ruth xxxxx
Is anybodyelse registered with the Data Protection Agency? Is this a must?

Thanks Ruth

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